[D]ADU Charettes

Location: Chicago, IL
Built by: Builder / Developer
Partner: Enclosure LLC
Status: in progress, speculative

As living space in specific neighborhoods of Chicago has come at a premium, there has been an effort to allow for non-traditional living space. As this movement has gained traction (and finally entered a pilot phase in 2021), we have been eagerly pursuing feasibility studies for future projects. We are excited about the potential to bring back these flexible and creative living, working and playing spaces. Envisioning endless stories and progressions of what these spaces can be now and through the years has been a thought provoking design process. Beginning in March 2020, we began writing potential scopes and narratives of how to live and work in year round – think apartment rental, accessory office space, accessory school space, nanny suite, in-law suite – or on a more evolutionary basis – starter home now / rental later or an empty-nester home for the future. Hayes A+D is partnering with Enclosure in creating this new housing typology with inspired solutions. Reach out to design and build your own story.