Our Practice[s]

Led by a duo of licensed architects, our backgrounds compliment a broad range of project scopes and clientele. From residential renovations to restaurants, mixed-use to McMansions [we actually don’t do these], we’ve been there before.  At our core, we are a collaborative practice, passionate about creating spaces for the way we live, work, and play.

Elizabeth D. Hayes, RA, NCARB

As the ubiquitous leader of hayes A+D Liz has worked for primarily small practices throughout her career, outside of a summer of servitude at SOM.  Her exposure to a wide range of typologies within a smaller setting has meant wearing many hats, often simultaneously. That experience includes over 10 years for a North Shore practice, with a primary focus on all things single-family residential as well as small commercial.  As the design lead in the office, Liz is never short on providing clients a signature design gesture for their project.

Liz received a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Miami University and a Master of Architecture from Washington University.  She maintains an active NCARB certificate and is a licensed architect in Illinois, North Carolina & Ohio.

Mom. Craft-master. Furniture revivalist. Aspiring guitarist. Knitting junkie.

That’s Liz.

M. Ryan Hayes, RA, NCARB

Moving to Chicago in 2005, Ryan intended to work in the large-scale commercial sector but ended up choosing the opposite.  Focusing on custom single-family and hospitality design, Ryan has served as project architect on numerous private and public works of notoriety.  For the past eight years, he has promoted an architect-led design-build approach, using his knowledge of building construction to inform the design process.

Ryan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Design from Clemson University and a Master of Architecture from Washington University.  He is a licensed architect in Illinois, maintains an active NCARB certification and is a licensed general contractor in the City of Chicago.

Dad. Fly fisherman. College football diehard. Urban gardener. Storyteller.

That’s Ryan.