From Birth to Graduation: How to Design + Build a Home with Us

After establishing the project concept, or schematic design, we move forward, jumping over the traditional stages of architectural design and creating drawings that help establish a project cost. These are preliminary drawings but also detailed design documents that provide our subcontractors the information necessary to provide feedback and pricing.  Early interaction with the trades allows discussions on cost, timing and methods to provide a more customized service to our clients. By the time of permit submittal we intend to have a clear understanding of cost. It’s that simple.

As a client, whether you engage Hayes A+D, Enclosure or both in the design and construction process, we desire to be as full-service as we can for our clients.  With 30 years of combined experience in architecture, design, and construction we have the experience to take on challenges from selecting potential building sites to choosing paint colors.

ENCLOSURE, LLC is the construction partner of Hayes A+D. It was formed to provide a modern re-envisioning of the master-builder; architect, designer, and builder in one.  The melding of these interdependent disciplines enables us to better serve our clients desires while avoiding overlap and organizational delays in the process.

While every owner approaches their project differently, the objective is ultimately the same: to see their vision realized within a cost structure they’re comfortable undertaking

Tasked with the goal of creating a building, the architect visualizes the owners needs and puts words to lines.

The contractor takes those lines and directs craftsmen on how and where to place built objects.

Ultimately, we see the vision of all 3 - owner, architect & contractor - come together.